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Trivia Junkie: Olympic EditionBurger JamSonic BoomFish ShooterUniverse 2: AndromedaCrazy PoolTinker BellEgg RunStar StruckRacing Car Jigsaw Puzzle
5.00 rating
Monster Truc...
4.63 rating
Farm Fortress
4.50 rating
Apple Harvest
4.50 rating
Firetruck Xvi
4.50 rating
City Of Ligh...
4.33 rating
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Party Animal
Help Warren be the life of the party by playing all of the 5 hidden games!
Help Pelican shit on cars, eat flying fish and avoid enemies!
Try to reach the end of the level and set a new record!
Pente 2
Try to get the ball to the other site without it rolling out of the lines. Very difficult, but fun.
Perfect Parking
Park your car in the highlighted space without hitting another vehicle!
Perfect pizza
Earn money by making a perfect copy of the pizza's!
Pet Shop
Try to get the bone safetly and undamaged to the dog!
Petro Glide
Use Pterodactyl to glide as far as possible!
Photo hunt
Try to find the 5 differences between the pictures...
Pitch N Golf
Have you ever tried to play mini golf at home?!
Guide 3 little pixels through the minefield and gather blue energy pixels!
Help the Koala brothers deliver boxes by clicking on the box of the right color!
Pokeball Blitz
Drop the right color ball to the right color block!
Police Sniper
Eliminate the terrorists but don't shoot the hostages!
The first player who scores 10 points on the goal of the opponent wins!
Control the platform and try to remove all the tiles by bouncing the ball!
Power Rangers Training
Train with the Power Rangers by completing a series of 5 challenges!
Keep the mouse pointer on the lights to activate the powerball's internal rotor!
Try to park your car as fast as possible!
Help the Priests & Devils cross the River. Click on them to move them, and click the GO button to mo
Find the right sequence of numbers and free the prince!
Click the numbers in order from 1-15 as fast as possible!
Raven basket
Click groups of 3 or more matching balls to clear them from the court!
Red fever
Calm down these nasty kids before their mother breaks down!
Shoot the reindeer with the christmas virus!
Retro Ception
How quickly and accurately can you find the targets that no longer exist? As soon as they disappear,
Your aim is to destroy all the bridges on your way!
Help Rodney get through Robot City before too many things get stuck to him!
Rocket Escape
Jump from platform to platform until you reach until you reach the wormhole!
Rons freefall
Help Ron collect report pages and stay away from obstacles and enemies!