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The Bilboquet GameEscape From The RoomHungry BobBoxing ManiaIncomingEggs Don't BounceVector Conflict MobileThe GlitchKnights And Kastles 2Robot Saga: Escape
5.00 rating
Monster Truc...
4.63 rating
Farm Fortress
4.50 rating
Apple Harvest
4.50 rating
Firetruck Xvi
4.50 rating
City Of Ligh...
4.33 rating
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This guy would have a very hard time getting glasses!
10 Doodoo Clicks
Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen to progress through the game.
10 Pearls Escape
You found yourself in a room with 10 hidden pearls and squirrel. Explore rooms, collect items to sol
15 Crystals Escape
Explore house, search for 15 hidden crystals... solve all puzzles to get necessary crystals and key,
400 Years
A calamity is coming and you have to embark on a journey to stop it. You only have 400 years.
7 Wonders Of The World
Discover the Seven Wonders of the World in this match 3 game with 3 game modes.
911 Police Parking
The police station is pretty crowded today and you will park the patrol cars that keep returning fro
A Cat's Tale
A Funny Puzzle Platformer Game where you play as a cat that wants to find lost cats and take them to
A Hidden Treasure Game
In this game your objective is to find the treasure and open it. Click and point and click again, fo
A Wizard Tale
Guide the wizard through to the castle, help him find books and the princess.
Aaaargh! 1
Halloween Hammer Horror, scream with fear and laughter. Lightning, lightning,very very frightening,
Aaaargh! 2
It's really rather spooky, but also rather kooky, and you might get some nooky On Horror hallo... Aa
Abandoned 2
If you haven't played Abandoned play it <a href="">here&
Abandoned Castle
Sneaky has been sent to the abandoned castle in search of hidden treasure. The late Earl Silverman w
Abandoned Halls
You woke up to the sound of screaming caught in between the sound of crashing thunder. You walk down
Abditive Asylum
You were exploring caves in the nearby area when you came upon the Abditive Asylum, you debate weath
You arrive at the usual meeting place to meet Amy but all you find is her backpack. You notice the d
Adventure Game
Guide this guy through the bridge over a river of burning lava!
Adventure Game
First Flash project done for school. Showing we understand how flash frames work.
Adventure Ho Mobile
Play as the Moose, Drunk Monkey, Lizardman or Hamster and battle your way through 10 locations to re
Adventure Ho!
Play as the Moose, Drunk Monkey, Lizardman or Hamster and battle your way through 10 fiendish locati
In game "Adventure of a wolf in a hen house" action happens in a hen house. The wolf catches falling
Adventure Of Water Drop
Break rock barriers to guide cute water drop to the exit, collect stars and solve liquid based physi
Adventure Sponry
funny adventure game with colorful levels
Adventurers Escape 2
The 100th escape game from We will be releasing escape games on every Mondays and Thursd
Adventures Escape 3
The 123rd Escape game from These people are continuing their trip further and are gettin
Adventures of Blob Bob
Help Bob the Blob get fruits, jump onto platform and avoid spikes, worms, dinos and other dangers.
Adventures of Guy - RPG
One day, you wake up, go outside and are attacked when a wizards asks you to go on a quest.
Adventures of Jack
You are a young kid exploring these drug filled streets talk to pimps druggies and others avoid cops
After Rain
Room Escape Game: you have to solve some clues, find key and go out.